About Us:


Unity in HIStory Outreach Foundation, Inc. is an organization, who serves to bring awareness to the local community of African American History.  We engage our community in a positive way, and we embrace diversity and promote unity to those we serve.  We engage the youth through educational opportunities, as they participate in essay contests that offer scholarships.  We expose youth to the arts.  We also reach out to those, who are less fortunate through one of our programs called “Our Hands Give Gloves to Your Hands.”  The Unity in HIStory Outreach Foundation, Inc. is thrilled, humbled and proud to present events that will celebrate unity within our communities...(We are a Three Rounds, LLC  subsidiary)  



Unity in HIStory Outreach Foundation, Inc., with God in all that we do, we will be a bridge between diversity and unity as we bring awareness to our HIStorical past to our community.



To have a community, that is empowered through our outreach foundation, to become knowledgeable of our HIStorical past, understand our  HIStorical present, as we promote unity by celebrating, educating and serving our community, to become part of our HIStorical future.  

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